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The Queen's Preparatory School is one of a number of Independent Church Schools operated under the auspices of the Anglican Church in Jamaica.

The aim of the school, as set out in the Scheme of Management for Preparatory Schools of the Church in Jamaica, is as follows:.

"To provide a liberal and thorough education.".

In pursuance of this aim, the policy of the school shall be controlled by the Diocesan Education Board on behalf of the Synod of the Jamaica Church.


The Queen's Preparatory School was named in Honour of Queen Elizabeth II.

It was founded in 1954.

It was opened by the Archbishop of York, the late Dr. Cyril Garbett.

The School began with twenty-two children and two teachers.

Miss Adele Anderson was the first headmistress.

The school accommodates approximately 400 children.

It has a teaching staff of 21 full-time teachers and 8 part time teachers.

It has a Kindergarten and a Junior Department.

The school caters to children between 3 3/4 years to 12+ years.

It has a Special Remedial Unit for children with special needs.

It has four houses: Alexandra, Elizabeth, Mary, and Victoria named after four queens of England.


Latest News

Queens Prep wins Silver and Gold at Parish Festivals

Queens Prep recently won Two Gold and one Silver Medals at the Parish festivals, with the Gold Pieces going on to win three Trophies including best teacher in the finals.. Read more.

Other Happenings

September 4- Christmas Terms 2012-2013 begins All students return to school



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